The workshop is installed in the wing of an old farm building. When the door opens, it's amazement. There are kites everywhere, all colors, all shapes, all sizes. They are on the floor, on the ceiling, on the tables until the end of their creation. You are in the incredible workshop of François Dubanchet, Imagin'air association, kite workshop. "I used to have the time to compete," says François, showing one of his models, "I'm now devoting myself to the creation workshops for young and old." I often start with the theory, but I do not hesitate to give them practical demonstrations. " He joins the gesture to the word and shows how to explain the gravity to the children. It also relies on a rocket booster, just made. "I make them make kites, and also objects related to the wind, rockets, windmills, etc." he continues. His experience allows him to adapt to requests and audiences.
François intervenes on site, in schools, recreation centers, or just for those who dream of flying.
Tél : 04 74 84 75 64 – 06 22 70 57 21